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N.Y. Multiple Dwelling Law > Article 7-C > Section 287

Article 7-C, N.Y. Multiple Dwelling Law
Section 287, Alternative Compliance

MDL Section 287

Important: Unless renewed, this New York loft law will automatically expire, terminate, and cease to have any legal effect at the close of the calendar day on May 31, 2007

   §  287  Alternative Compliance.*

  1. In any case in which a local building code or this chapter provides an alternative means of meeting the fire and safety standards of article seven-B of this chapter, an owner of an interim multiple dwelling may, to the extent permitted by such local code or this chapter, elect to comply with the standards of such code or this chapter rather than with article seven-B. Such an election shall not affect an owner's obligations to meet the deadlines for compliance set forth in this article, and in such cases references herein to article seven-B shall be deemed to include any such local building code or the applicable provisions of this chapter.


    * NB Terminates at the close of the calendar day May 31, 2007

Source: N.Y. State Legislature

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