Soho Lofts: New York City, NY

New York City’s Loft Law

While a significant number of Soho lofts still protect artists under NYC's loft law, not all Soho lofts have the protection of Loft Board laws and regulations

Only loft buildings in New York City that meet the criteria set forth in the Loft Law (Multiple Dwelling Law Article 7-C) are covered by the law as “Interim Multiple Dwellings” (IMDs) and are under the Loft Board’s jurisdiction.

Generally speaking, a building that meets the following criteria will be subject to the Loft Law:

  • The building possesses no residential certificate of occupancy pursuant to § 301 of the Multiple Dwelling Law;

  • The building was used in the past for manufacturing, commercial or warehousing purposes; and

  • There were three or more residential tenants living in separate apartments in the building in the 20-month period between April 1, 1980, and December 1, 1981 (the “lstatutory window period”).

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